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Pre-Evening Get Together

  • 18:00

    Darwin’s Circle Health - Pre-Evening Get Together @ Uniqa Tower

    Please register in advance
  • 19:00

    Official Opening by Hartwig Loeger - Federal Minister of Finance


  • 08:30

    Morning Reception @ Van Swieten Saal

  • 09:00

    Greetings from the hosts

    Markus Müller - Medical University of Vienna
    Kathrin Kuess - Darwin’s Circle
  • 09:10

    Network Medicine - An outlook into the future

    Moritz Helmstaedter - Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
  • 09:25

    AI - possibilities, challenges, limits

    Chantelle Kiernan - Nuritas
  • 09:40

    From big data to precision medicine

    Jochen Borenich - Kapsch BusinessCom
    Alexander Gilbert - Medopad
    Jaroslav Bláha- CellmatiQ
    Harald Schnidar- SCARLETRED

    moderated by Georg Langs - Medical University of Vienna
  • 10:20

    Digitalization in the private vs public sector

    Alexander Biach - Main association of Austria social security institutions
  • 10:30

    Precision medicine from vision to reality

    Lothar Germeroth - Juno Therapeutics Inc., a Celgene Company
  • 10:45

    The epoche for pioneers

    Tewis Bouwmeester - Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Resarch
  • 11:00

    Implementation - What it takes

    Torsten Haferlach - Munich Leukemia Laboratory
    Ulrich Jaeger - Medical University of Vienna
    Markus Paulmichl - PharmGenetix
    Markus Hengstschlaeger - Medical University of Vienna

    moderated by Christoph Binder - Medical University of Vienna 
  • 11:40

    Limits of optimization - How far is too far

    Toni Innauer - Olympic Champion
    fireside chat with Rainer Nowak - Die Presse 
  • 11:55

    The ethical aspect of homo imperfectus

    Markus Hengstschlaeger - Medical University of Vienna
    Claudia Schnugg - Science Gallery Venice
    Jan Claas van Treeck - Humboldt-University

    moderated by Siegfried Meryn - Medical University of Vienna
  • 12:35

    Networking lunch

  • 13:30

    How Vienna becomes Europes digital health epicentre

    Ulrike Huemer - City of Vienna
  • 13:40

    AI as a Public Good - A Symbiosis Between Digital Innovation and Scientific Tradition

    Bart de Witte - HIPPO AI Foundation
  • 13:55

    Medicine in the cloud

    Carsten Koenig - Healthcare X.0
    Vasja Bočko -  IRYO.IO
    Reto Schegg - healthbank Innovation
    Stefan Speiser - Latido Health Tech

    moderated by Georg Langs - Medical University of Vienna
  • 14:35

    Healthcare 4.0 - A new era

    Thomas Szekeres - Austrian Medical Chamber
  • 14:40

    From descriptive to prescriptive - How digitalization enables personalized healthcare

    Okan Ekinci - Roche
  • 14:50

    Case study in action

    Alexandra Lassnig - Humanomed Group
  • 14:55

    Digitally supported healthcare system

    Alexandra Lassnig - Humanomed Group
    Christof Goetz -  MyMind
    Markus Holzer - contextflow
    Johannes Hohenauer - BDO Health Care Consultancy

    moderated by Christian J. Herold - Medical University of Vienna
  • 15:35

    Beyond the product - New disruptive cooperation models

    Soeren Lauinger - werk_39 powered by B. Braun
  • 15:45

    How to implement change

    Stefan Fischer -  SOPHIA
    Peter Eichler -  UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG
    Uta-Maria Ohndorf - Roche Diagnostics Austria

    moderated by Michaela Fritz - Medical University of Vienna
  • 16:15

    Coffee and networking break

  • 16:40

    Digitizing knowledge throughout industries

    Flavio Haener - Canton of Basel-City
    Mikael Ljung Aust -  Volvo Cars Safety Centre
    Rahma Samow - Siemens Healthineers
    Samir El-Alami - doctorly

    moderated by Gordon Euller - APEX Ventures
  • 17:20

    The human - robot cooperation

    Klaus-Peter Juenemann - University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein
    Roland Auberger -  Ottobock Research Hub
    Konstantin Bergmeister - Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Extremity Reconstruction

    moderated by Gordon Euller - APEX Ventures
  • 17:50

    Closing words

    Michaela Fritz - Medical University of Vienna
    Kathrin Kuess - Darwin’s Circle



Toni Innauer
Toni Innauer GmbH
Olympic Champion and CEO
Olympic champion. Successful coach. Sports manager. Freelance author and sports expert. With his free spirit, Toni Innauer always finds an original approach. Toni Innauer's time in the ÖSV as a ski-jumper, coach and sports director is accompanied by outstanding successes as well as dramatic setbacks. This biography made him the "Mister ski jumping" and an international icon in sports. His visions for Nordic skiing led to some revolutionary changes in international ski jumping. These visions also mark his 17-year tenure as Nordic Sporting Director in the Austrian Skiing Association.

Bart de Witte
HIPPO AI Foundation
With over 20 years of global digital health experience in 26 countries, Bart de Witte has been involved in leading-edge technologies and new IT businesses, including intimate involvement as a mentor in the formation and growth of a dozen startups within the healthcare sector. During the last 5 years, he has been focussing on the impact of AI in healthcare, both in his role as director for digital health at IBM, as well as chair faculty for the recently founded European Institute for Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures,

Chantelle Kiernan
Director of Lifesciences
Chantelle was appointed Director of Lifesciences for Nuritas in 2018 and has held a number of senior roles within the Lifesciences sector spanning 20 years. In her previous role as Senior Scientific Advisor for Irish Government (IDA), she was integral in securing multi-million strategic research investments for Ireland from the world’s largest Lifesciences multinationals. Chantelle holds a PhD in Immunology from Trinity College Dublin and conducted research at Harvard University on the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in Sub Saharan African populations. She additionally holds a Masters in International Business Law, specializing in IP law.

Alexander Biach
Main association of Austria social security institutions
Chairman of the Main association of Austria social security institutions
Responsibility for social security is delegated to independent bodies – the insurance institutions. There are 22 insurers – 15 providing health insurance and 7 general insurance institutions – some of which are also responsible for two or even all three types of social security. For historical reasons, the system is structured on a geographical as well as the occupational basis.

Thomas Szekeres
Austrian Medical Chamber
Thoams Szekeres has been a consultant at the Clinical Institute for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnosis of the Medical University of Vienna since 1997 where he studies the development of anti-tumour substances. He has been a member of the board of the Viennese Doctor Association since 2001 and became its president in 2012. Since 2017 he is also president of the Austrian Medical Chamber.

Ulrike Huemer
City of Vienna
Ulrike Huemer studied law. She started to work for the City of Vienna in 2003. She was at first responsible for a committee for creating a new constitution for Austria. After 10 years in the department of finance administration, she has been Chief Information Officer of the City of Vienna since 2014 with the main focus on digitization and innovation. She startet two initiatives and She also workes as a lecturer at the University of applied sciences and arts Campus Vienna, with the main focus on Open Government Management.

Rainer Nowak
Die Presse
Editor in Chief
In 1996, Rainer Nowak joined the editorial staff of Die Presse, where he initially worked in the department of domestic affairs. He has also published articles in the British newspaper The Independent and is an editorial member of the Jewish cultural magazine Nu. In 2009, Nowak became editor-in-chief of Die Presse am Sonntag. In October 2010, he became head of the Domestic Policy Department. In September 2012, he followed Michael Fleischhacker as editor-in-chief.

Okan Ekinci
Roche DIS
Chief Medical Officer
Okan is the Chief Medical Officer of Roche DIS, an organization focused on decision support solutions, powered by aggregated data and advanced analytics, in support of Roche’s personalized healthcare strategy. The goal is to redefine how data and analytics can drive patient care to help ensure the right treatment reaches the right patient at the right time. Okan is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at University College Dublin, holds an MBA from ESMT Berlin and an MD from the University of Mainz, Germany. He’s an alumnus of Harvard Business School‘s VBHC Value Measurement program.

Lothar Germeroth
Juno Therapeutics Inc., a Celgene Company
Senior Vice President
Lothar Germeroth has over 25 years of management experience in biotechnology. He served as the CEO at IBA GmbH and the COO at Stage Cell Therapeutics GmbH, and served eight years as CEO in three different German Biotech companies and as Chief Business Officer at Cytos Biotechnology AG in Switzerland. Lothar studied chemistry in Frankfurt/Main and obtained his PhD in Biochemistry in the department of Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Hartmut Michel at the Max-Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt.

Uta-Maria Ohndorf
Roche Diagnostics Austria
General Manager
Uta-Maria is driven by the conviction that yesterday’s logic cannot be the key to shaping the future: Her commitment is to direct a company to be more adaptive to change itself. Her vision for the digital healthcare transformation is to make the worldwide scientific progress faster accessible for patients. Uta-Maria led organizational transformations in different countries and cultures and has changed the mindset of her teams in Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Austria. She conducted research at MIT, Rockefeller University and Max-Planck-Institute and holds a PhD in Chemistry.

Tewis Bouwmeester
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Resarch
Head of Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Resarch
Tewis Bouwmeester is Head of the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) in Switzerland and the Site Head of the Chemical Biology & Therapeutics department in Basel. His research interests are stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, epigenetics, and neuroscience. Tewis joined the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in May 2008 from the biotech company Cellzome, where he was Vice President Biology & Research Alliances. Before that, Tewis was a faculty member at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg.

Jochen Borenich
Kapsch BusinessCom
Member of board
Jochen Borenich is a member of managing board at Kapsch BusinessCom. As a leading ICT-partner in digitalization, the company operates as a consultant, system supplier and service provider. Kapsch BusinessCom supports companies and institutions in taking their performance to a next level and developing new business models. In healthcare Kapsch focusses on telemedicine, patient journey and big data solutions. Content analytics solutions support doctors in diagnosis and therapy. With rules-based artificial intelligence in data- and statistical analyses for specific medical scenarios for example. The result: Information about how medications and the combination of medications work in various patient groups.

Peter Eichler
UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG
Member of the Management Board
Peter Eichler is member of the management board of UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG and UNIQA International AG, both 100% subsidiaries of UNIQA Insurance Group. He also has the chair of the health insurance section in the Association of Insurance Companies Austria and is vice chairman of the life insurance section. Peter Eichler's career path has been within the Group, whereby the most important station was his appointment as a deputy member of the management board of the Austria-Collegialität und Bundesländer-Versicherung in 1998 for health insurance.

Stefan Fischer
Managing Director
As Managing Director of SOPHIA, Stefan Fischer has the vision to innovate standardization in healthcare to realize sustainable change. Driven by more than 15 years of experience, as a registered nurse and Global Business Development Manager, he places the needs of healthcare professionals at the center of all developments. Stefan is convinced that innovation needs to happen at the point of care to have a real impact. In addition to SOPHIA, Stefan is leading the partnering program of B.Braun Melsungen.

Soeren Lauinger
werk_39 powered by B. Braun
Vice President Intrapreneurship & Co-Creation
Soeren’s responsibility in the global medical-technology organization Aesculap is to build solutions “beyond the product” i.e. Innovation for Services, Solutions, Business Models and not least the consultative sales approach complete the activities. These are mostly digital or digitally enhanced. Soeren and his team have launched the Innovation Lab "werk_39". Soeren got his MBA degree in Medical Devices and Healthcare Management.

Markus Paulmichl
Markus Paulmichl is founder of PharmGenetix. PharmGenetix addresses exactly these genetic mutations influencing the response to drugs. The aim is to identify the different ways in which human enzymes function and to predict the individual response to drug substances. After receiving his doctorate, he worked in the USA at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota. Markus then spent another seven years in Innsbruck, whereupon he worked in Milan for seven years. In 1985 he received his specialist in physiology and performance physiology in Bologna. During these years, he also taught as a Harvard Visiting Professor.

Johannes Hohenauer
BDO Health Care Consultancy
Johannes Hohenauer is partner at BDO Health Care Consultancy, a leading advisory unit focused on the strategic development of the health care system. He has been a strategy consultant for health care organizations for more than 20 years now and is heading the Vienna based BDO Health Care Consultancy, which is a hub for the global health care practice in the BDO network. Additionally, he is on the Board of the Hospital Organization of Vorarlberg. His recent work focuses on designing infrastructure for future health care and strengthening the digitalization of health care. His mission is to put the needs of the patients in the center.

Alexandra Lassnig
Humanomed Group
Attending Physician
Alexandra Lassnig has joined the Humanomed Group in 2014 and is currently working as an attending physician at the private clinic Maria Hilf. She’s part of a consulting team focusing on digitally transforming the daily medical business and currently concentrating on implementing the award-winning e-body software in hospitals throughout the country. The software’s goal is to simplify and speed up medical documentation to have more time available for patients and research.

Mikael Ljung Aust
Volvo Cars Safety Centre
Technical Expert on Crash Avoidance
Mikael Ljung Aust is a Human Factors expert at Volvo Cars Safety Centre, with a specialty in Driver Cognition Analysis. At Volvo Cars Safety Centre he provides leadership in the analysis and research required to achieve Volvo Vision 2020 (This vision states that no occupant is to be killed or injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020). He supports the development of safety requirements and strategies and drives human-related aspects of safety into the design of new active safety- and autonomous driving systems.

Markus Hengstschlaeger
Medical University of Vienna
Head of the Institute of Medical Genetics
Markus Hengstschlaeger studied genetics at the University of Vienna and then worked at the Yale University in USA. Today, he is the Head of the Institute of Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Vienna. He published many reports in international top journals and is an author of three Bestseller books. He is a member of a variety of international advisory boards, he won multiple scientific prices and acts as a consultant for governments and companies.

Moritz Helmstaedter
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Managing Director
Moritz Helmstaedter's work aims at pushing the frontiers of Connectomics, an emerging research field occupied with mapping neuronal networks in the brain at unprecedented scale and resolution. His interests lie in the relationship between artificial and biological intelligence, and the search for connectomic phenotypes of psychiatric disorders.

Rahma Samow
Siemens Healthineers
Senior Vice President
Siemens Healthineers is a leading medical technology company with over 170 years of experience and over 18,000 patents globally. With about 50,000 dedicated colleagues in over 70 countries, the company is driving to shape the future of healthcare. The purpose of Siemens Healthineers is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare.

Torsten Haferlach
Munich Leukemia Laboratory
Torsten Haferlach is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of leukemia; engaging in groundbreaking research, the development of new diagnostic tools as well as the link to treatment options, he has always been pushing its boundaries of his chosen field. In 2005 he set up the Munich Leukemia Laboratory together with three colleagues from complementary disciplines. Today the lab processes with a team of 198 employees over 78,000 blood or bone marrow samples per year, his practice treats more than 4,500 patients.

Klaus-Peter Juenemann
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein
Chairman Dept. of Urology and Pediatric Urology
Klaus-Peter Juenemann is a member of numerous international and national associations, such as the American and the European Urological Associations (AUA and EAU). He was the Head of the German Continence Society from 2003 until 2015 and since 2015, he is the speaker of the new Center for laparoscopic and robotassisted surgery at University Clinics Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel. Furthermore, he was elected Vice Chairman of the German Society of Robot-assisted Urology (DGRU) in December 2016.

Carsten Koenig
Healthcare X.0
CEO & Technical Director
Carsten Koenig has many years of experience in the field of IT-system solutions and software development and is a specialist for IBM High-End Storage Systems as well as for High-End Power servers. Since 2015, he has overseen the planning and operation of Healthcare X.0 GmbH’s complex system solutions. The database, developed by Carsten himself, contains relevant information including MRI data, x-rays, diagnoses, and known allergies, all of which can be analyzed with state-of-the-art data mining techniques.

Ulrich Jaeger
Medical University of Vienna
Head of the Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology
Ulrich Jäger is Professor of Hematology and Head of the Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology at the Medical University of Vienna. He served as president of the European Hematology Association from 2011 to 2013. He gained his professional experience at the Medical University of Vienna and at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. He is currently leading a hematology institute which focuses on translational research and precision medicine in leukemia and lymphoma.

Jaroslav Bláha
Co-Founder and CEO
As a technologist and computer science expert by heart, Jaro Bláha has 25+ years of experience in leading edge innovation. He has led world-wide strategic initiatives and organizations, amongst others as NATO Chief Architect in Belgium, as CIO of the Swiss electrical grid, and as global CIO/CTO for Solera Holdings in the US. In 2018, he co-founded CellmatiQ with the goal to advance AI-based image analysis in healthcare. He has participated in the development of the 1st German autonomous vehicle in 1987 and has developed his first AI in 1996.

Reto Schegg
healthbank Innovation
Since 2015 CEO of healthbank Innovation AG in Baar, Switzerland, Reto Schegg is an e-health expert with a clear vision to build the largest people-owned health data platform. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich and a Master's degree in General Management from Strathclyde Graduate Business School as well as an Executive Master of European and International Business Law from HSG, St.Gallen. Reto Schegg has been active internationally in the digitalization of healthcare for 20 years.

Roland Auberger
Ottobock Research Hub
Innovation Expert NeuroOrthotics
Since 2004 Roland Auberger is with the research and development department of Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH, Vienna, Austria. Since 2015 he is also a member of the Sensory-Motor Systems (SMS) Lab, Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS), Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST), ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He is the author of nine granted patents and several patent applications. His research interests include intelligent orthotics and prosthetics, lower limb exoskeletons, and rehabilitation robotics.

Claudia Schnugg
Science Gallery Venice
Creative Director
Claudia Schnugg is researcher, consultant, and advocate of artscience collaboration, a producer and curator of residency programs, and has been the catalyst for numerous artscience projects. She was also the first Creative Director of Science Gallery Venice, previously she worked as Assistant Professor at the Johannes Kepler University, and was Visiting Researcher at Copenhagen Business School, the Art|Sci Center at UCLA, and ESO, Chile. She headed the Ars Electronica Residency Network 2014-2016.

Flavio Haener
Canton of Basel-City
Cultural Property Protection
In 2016 Flavio Häner became vice-director at the Pharmacy Museum. 2017 he was given the new position as responsible for cultural protection at the cultural department of the canton of Basel-Stadt. Since 2018, he focuses his professional and academic activities on the protection and safeguarding of cultural property on a local, national and international level. He is head of service for cultural property protection at the Cantonal Crisis Organisation Basel-Stadt and board member of the Swiss Society of Cultural Property Protection.

Markus Holzer
Markus Holzer taught a practical application course for medical image processing at the Vienna University of Technology (2014-16) and was a researcher at the Computational Imaging Research Lab at the Medical University of Vienna. Starting in 2015, his focus shifted to entrepreneurship, participating in the i2c diploma supplement on innovation and bringing the FP7 project KHRESMOI to two Viennese incubator programs. Markus is now an active part of the startup community, having built up contextflow to a VC-funded and internationally-recognized medical image machine learning company that continues to expand.

Alexander Gilbert
Alex has worked within the Digital Health industry for a number of years alongside healthcare, pharmaceutical and tech organisations. He joined Medopad as one of their first employees and currently manages global Life Sciences Partnerships. Medopad is one of the UK’s highest-growth digital health companies, having raised a series-A round of 28Million last year, whilst partnering with Apple and Tencent. His passion is the use of technology to empower and engage the patient to take control of their care

Harald Schnidar
Founder and CEO
Harald Schnidar is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning digital health Company SCARLETRED. The company is headquartered in Vienna and expanded recently to the USA by incorporating a US at the reputational Cambridge Innovation Center next to MIT. Harald is the inventor of the Scarletred® Vision. The novel technology is on its way to transforming the global dermatology market. Before SCARLETRED, Harald worked in academics and clinical skin drug R&D.

Vasja Bocko
CEO and Co-Founder
His background is in political science and finance, but with the exception of short stints in banking and financial consultancy, he has worked in the IT industry throughout his career. Before starting IRYO.IO, he worked as a product manager at a cryptocurrency exchange and before that he worked for a Slovenian IT company that helped design and develop a global identity solution for the telco industry.

Christof Goetz
Founder & CEO
Christof is a Project Manager and Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in managing software projects and five years in managing hardware projects. Christof is German and was born 1972. He gained international experience working in the UK, the US and various European countries. He is father of an autistic daughter and developed with his team Brain Hero, a neurofeedback game using a mobile EEG to improve brain fitness i.e. increase concentration level and relaxation level as well as social interaction.

Konstantin Bergmeister
Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Extremity Reconstruction
Senior PostDoc
Konstantin Bergmeister is a post-doc in neuroscience and plastic surgeon in training, who has received his MD and PhD (Neuroscience) Degree from the Medical University of Vienna. He has conducted his reconstructive surgery training at the BG Trauma Center Ludwigshafen, which is one of the largest reconstructive centers in Europe and holds the academic chair for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery of the University of Heidelberg. Konstantin is the author of over 30 publications in journals such as Science Advances, Nature Biomedical Engineering and has received numerous science grants and prices.

Samir El-Alami
CEO, Founder
Samir has been CEO and founder of doctorly since late 2017 where he focuses on company the vision, strategy, culture & investor relations. Prior to doctorly, Samir cofounded and/or held leadership positions at various international technology startups over the past 10 years e.g. cofounder of ONE (insurtech), CMO Kreditech (fintech), Growth Badoo (dating).

Stefan Speiser
Latido Health Tech
CEO, Founder
Stefan Speiser is the founder and CEO of Latido Health Tech. His company successfully launched a purely cloud-based, state-of-the-art medical practice management software in the year 2017. Innovating the healthcare market, Latido's technology is used by several hundred medical practices today. Changing the expectations of what medical software is capable of, the company views practice management software as one of the most crucial drivers for digitalization in the healthcare environment.

Jan Claas van Treeck
Currently a post-doc researcher at Humboldt-University Berlin, Jan Claas van Treeck spent his teenage years as a cyberpunk before studying Media and Literature at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. After a 6-year intermezzo working as a freelance consultant for Global Fortune 500-companies, he decided to rejoin academia to pursue a Ph.D. at Yale University. His research focuses on human-machine-interactions, techno-epistemology, biohacking, technosensing, posthumanism, and classic cybernetics.

Georg Langs
Medical University of Vienna
Head of the Computational Imaging Research Lab
Georg Langs is a mathematician, heading the Computational Imaging Research Lab (CIR) at the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy, Medical University of Vienna. He is developing novel machine learning approaches to enable prediction and identify structure in large-scale medical data. He studied mathematics at TU Wien, computer science at TU Graz, was a post-doc at the Applied Mathematics Laboratory at Ecole Central de Paris, and Research Scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, where he still holds an affiliate position.

Gordon Euller
APEX Ventures
Digital Health Partner
Gordon Euller is a Digital Health Partner at APEX Ventures, an European Venture Capital fund. Until recently he worked as board-certified Radiologist at Medical University Vienna (AKH Wien) where he will continue to work as a research fellow in the field of AI/ML. Before starting his medical career he founded two companies in Eastern Europe, one of them focusing on the recruitment of nurses providing domestic care for elderly patients. As a management consultant with McKinsey&Company in London Gordon developed and implemented various strategic transformations for his healthcare clients. Gordon was also a project manager for the set-up of a private hospital in Abu Dhabi.

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