DARWIN & MARIE brings together the leading tech companies in different business areas, that incorporate diversity and inclusion in their core values. Our goal is to present the most influential tech players in the world to our community.





Cameron McKnight
Product Management Lead for IGTV
"Diverse teams are happier and perform better."

Michele Lynn-Moore Myauo
Director, Cybersecurity Services Delivery, Microsoft
“Implementing cybersecurity & secure infrastructure solutions to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Tina Kulow
Senior Director Corporate Communications
"A proverb says, "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." That’s why we apply diverse perspectives to everything we do. Imagine what’s possible when we get this right."

Sheree Atcheson
Women Who Code
Global Ambassador
"Embracing diversity and fostering environments of inclusion is not a business want - it is a business need. For organisations to work at their best & truly create well-rounded solutions for the societies they serve, we must prioritise inclusion in everything we do. "

Siri Chilazi
Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School
Research Fellow
"To make meaningful progress on gender equality in organizations, we need to shift our focus from trying to “fix the women” to fixing structures, processes and environments. Research shows that unconscious bias built into organizational structures is easier to mitigate or erase than individual-level unconscious bias, and behavioral design is an evidence-based approach to do just that."

Anna Radulovski
Coding Girls
"To create a more diverse and inclusive tech world, we need to inspire and empower the next generation of female role models to pursue and develop their career in technology and become innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. It's a process and it's not always straightforward. It takes time, action and support. Join us on a mission! Together we can make a difference."

Thorkil Sonne
Specialisterne Foundation
Founder & Chairperson
"If you are competing in a knowledge based market economy you will need a diverse workforce to be innovative, resilient and attractive for the future workforce. A workplace where autistic people thrive will strengthen your competitiveness through expanded talent pool for recruitment, improved leadership, increased innovation capacity, higher engagement, raised retention rate, sense of purpose and strengthened community ties. Let us discuss how everyone can benefit from the inclusion of a diverse workforce."

Barbara Stöttinger
WU Executive Academy
"In this digital world, the ability to innovate is by far the most important competitive success factor. Those who have the capability to generate and implement new products, new services, new business models and new processes can grow faster and make higher profits than ever before - those who lack it risk falling by the wayside. Knowing where the next radical and possibly disruptive (technological) innovations will come from is therefore crucial for every company."

Ulrike Huemer
City of Vienna
"Diversity is a key success factor for any company that values innovation! Therefore, I am pleased that Darwin & Marie will be here in Vienna again this year!"

Emma Smith
Co-founder & COO
"The unbanked Africa could be the biggest opportunity in the history of fintech. Half a billion people do not have a bank account - but everyone has a mobile phone. The potential to create a life-changing innovation in such a context keeps me awake at night."

Kristina Knezevic
Country Manager Austria
"Diversity is the driving force for innovation, which is needed in a new world of work. However, a consistent diversity management means much more than a women's quota. It’s more about respecting differences in a social, culture, gender, age, etc. way and to benefit in today’s collaboration."

Alexander Wrabetz
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF
Director General
"It is clear that public broadcasters must lead by example on gender equality. We see this as being in the interest of both men and women. ORF wants and needs to mirror the society it serves - and more than 50 percent of that society is made up of women."

Josefine Pribyl
BDO Consulting GmbH
Manager People & Organisation
"In one of the most transformational times in human history change is omnipresent. But we may not need to change everything or simply accept an “agile chaos”. We need to adapt the way we think. Trust in ourselves and in our knowledge. Be curious and courageous to try something completely new."

Anna Lowe
Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships
"We need to reframe the use of mobile phones in museums as engagement not distraction."

Dora Gazi Kovacevic
Wolf Theiss
"The future of legal services will be determined by innovation, diversity and successful ecosystem positioning. Only agile partnerships that engage and empower everyone in the organization can create value quickly and collaboratively."

Valerie Hackl
Austro Control
Managing Director
"For me diversity in the workplace is a key element of success. It leads to greater ideas, higher productivity, richer team experience and simply more fun. Thus, every organisation needs to strive for different perspectives and role models."

Johanna Hummer
Sanofi Austria
Head of Human Resources
"Science, innovation and technology are at the core of our DNA as an innovative researching pharma company – and gender balance is a global top priority for Sanofi. I’m looking forward to connecting with women who shape the IT, science and innovation of the future."

Johanna Rachinger
Austrian National Library
Director General
"Today, libraries face many challenges. The digital revolution has dramatically changed the production, storage and sharing of knowledge and so the Austrian National Library is continuously working on innovation and its strategic development to meet the demands of future generations."



Gabriele Tatzberger
Vienna Business Agency
Director of Start-up Services
"“We live diversity and support equal opportunities.” We have this commitment in the strategic guidelines issued by the Vienna Business Agency and put it into practice. We're convinced that the Viennese economy benefits from it the best when entrepreneurs make use of their diverse life experiences and backgrounds to develop innovative ideas and also implement those. That is why we have been dealing with the question of how we address our target groups, recognize and reduce existing disadvantages and how we can support the whole diversity in the best possible way."

Kaitlyn WonJung Chang
Women of Vienna
"3 Misconceptions I like to break: Diversity is NOT a luxury problem that can be solved later. EVERYONE can and should be feminists. Men and women ARE different, and the different strengths that women tend to have - flexibility, empathy, communal-goal orientation - are MORE suitable in today's fast-changing, hyperconnected business environment."

Dejan Jovicevic
der brutkasten
Founder & CEO
"Studies show that diverse teams deliver better results. I appreciate the Darwin & Marie conference for putting their effort into encouraging women to enter tech and business space by bringing inspiring role models to Vienna."

Mahdis Gharaei
the female factor
"Women have some of the essential future-of-work skills needed to drive change in our global economy and building their presence at the top is more relevant than ever."



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