Are driven by international speakers and a strong local network

At DARWIN’S CIRCLE we bring together global leaders from across all industries to talk about the digital future of business and society, while being inspired by the leading experts of the world’s most innovative companies.



Palais Ferstel

Strauchgasse 4, 1010 Wien

DARWIN’S CIRCLE is THE annual conference for digitalization to connect international digital experts and decision-makers to address global socio-economic challenges.

Founded in 2017, with the idea to encourage leaders to connect and discuss the relevant challenges of our time, DARWIN’S CIRCLE started as an annual digital conference. To survive in the new digital world, we need to understand its loss. To benefit from the digital transformation, we need to develop new strategies. At the conference we address the global socio-economic challenges of the digital era such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Digital Ethics and many more!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.“ Charles Darwin

At the DARWIN’S CIRCLE Conference you get exclusive access to top international digital experts and to position your business within the ecosystem of well-known decision-makers. At the conference, we address the global socio-economic challenges of the digital era such as technological trends, digitalization & ethics, the Future of Work, Smart Cities and Digital Education.

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Ovalhalle, MQ

Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

DARWIN & MARIE is an event dedicated to diversity, inclusion and (female!) leadership in technology, science and innovation. We will showcase and connect founders, CEOs and managers who foster innovation, diversity and equality.

Through DARWIN & MARIE we celebrate the efforts of Marie Curie, the Polish-French physicist and chemist, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize - paving the way for so many women who drive groundbreaking transformation in IT, science and innovation today.

At DARWIN & MARIE, we invite leading names in technology, innovation and transformation, entrepreneurship, big data, AI, diversity and life science to a day of inspiration and connection.

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