Kome Emuh
Goldman Sachs
Vice President
"It’s more than technology. It is an era of interconnectedness that shows little sign of abating and what has become clear is that you cannot apply old business models or mindsets to the new environment and hope to be successful."
Jan Wörner
European Space Agency
Director General
"It is not about "saving the planet", it is about "saving our home, the best place to live". With space activities we understand what is going on, we recognize changes and can define countermeasures. The chain of discovery, monitoring, raising awareness to mitigation is the basis we have to follow to fight threats of different nature like the Corona Virus or the Climate Change."
Leonore Gewessler
Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
Federal Minister
„Climate action has a triple benefit. Climate action supports local businesses, creates value locally, and generates thousands of sustainable jobs. It is the right solution at the right time. If we look at the climate crisis, once it is here, it is here to stay. Then a crisis situation will be our new normal. We need to focus all our energies, give our fullest commitment to prevent this from happening, and this is exactly what climate action and green innovations do: help us solve this big challenge of our time.”
Christoph Huber   BioNTech   Co-Founder and Member Of The Supervisory Board
Newton Howard University of Oxford Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Neurosurgery  
Beth Blauer Johns Hopkins University Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Centers for Civic Impact  
Daisy Zhu
VP of Wireless Marketing
"In challenging times like the ones we are facing right now, technologies like 5G or AI cannot only help bringing people back to normal life via remote conference, homeschooling or virtual medical treatment but also give companies, governments, and institutions the opportunity to deliver their services in a convenient, fast and safe way. To some extent, the Corona Pandemic has become the major accelerator for the Digital Transformation in our society."
Katrin Suder
Digital Council Of The German Federal Government
„The last 6 months has shown us the importance of digitalization. We should use this impulse to develop digital solutions for today's and tomorrow's increasingly complex challenges, mobility, climate, automation, and also justice. Out of love for the future.”
Alexander Wrabetz
Director General
"The time has come to clearly establish how and in which direction public broadcasting will develop. The strategic course to follow should be the transition from a public service broadcaster to a public service platform."
Jon Addison
Vice President, EMEA Enterprise Sales
„Honoured to be part of LinkedIn’s mission to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Whether it’s finding work, realizing your dream job, becoming great at what you do, or finding the best talent to take your business where it needs to go, LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”
Margarete Schramböck
Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs
Federal Minister
"The Corona crisis makes it clear that digitalisation plays a special role especially in times of crisis. Crisis-proof digital processes enable more economic stability. Digital transformation promotes new economic power as a driver of innovation and growth, which is urgently needed for the rapid way out of the crisis. Digitalisation in Austria is a decisive key factor here. This is to be taken into account with the "Digital Action Plan" as Austria's comprehensive digitalisation initiative."
Mette Lykke
Too Good To Go
"Reducing food waste is the single most impactful thing we can do to fight climate change, and so building a sustainable food system is one of the most pressing challenges of our time."
Jochen Maas
Sanofi Germany
Managing Director Research & Development
"Digitization creates great potential for research. Thanks to AI, big data can be analyzed and patterns in data sets are recognized. This helps us in search of new active ingredients and the development of new drugs."
Jessica Lennard
Senior Director, Global Data & AI Initiatives
"Passionate about responsible, ethical use of data and AI. Committed to discussion, collaboration, and helping to build frameworks that ensure the benefit of these technologies is realised for everyone."
Marko Berkovic
Regional Director, South EMEA, DACH
"Open source is reshaping collaboration, development and society. Collaboration is critical for driving innovation, which fuels global economic growth and human progress. Now, more than ever, open source is driving innovation through collaboration, by bringing together developers from all over the world, to solve challenging problems, create important technologies and make a difference."
Jolawn Victor
Chief International Officer
"During a time of unprecedented economic turmoil, investing in affordable mental health tools may be one of our most powerful ways to recover."
Andreas Bierwirth
Magenta Telekom
"Digitalization keeps whole economies up and running as we could all see in 2020, but it is even more powerful: Digitalization will change the planet to the better."
Constanze Ulmer-Eilfort
Baker McKenzie
Member of the Global Executive Committee
"The speed of vaccine developments, and the innovative steps taken since the pandemic outbreak are unprecedented. But why weren’t we prepared, why were we still hesitating to support innovation in the face of the pandemic, and what do we need to do to better address the next pandemic, are questions still to be answered."
Jochen Borenich
Kapsch BusinessCom
Executive Member Of The Board & COO
"We strive every day to create business value with and for our customers in a variety of industries. Digital transformation is not a single event, it’s a leadership task. And it needs strong partnerships to be successful. 95% of all digital transformation projects fail to meet expectations. We, therefore, take responsibility for ensuring the success of digital projects."
Andrea Kdolsky
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Head of Department of Health Sciences
Speaking on behalf of Schülke
Markus Müller
Medical University of Vienna
„Thanks to the latest developments in digitalisation and molecular medicine, the speed of advances in medicine is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Medicine is becoming more and more personalized.”
Alexander Schönegger
Philip Morris Austria
Managing Director
"To succeed in the ever changing environment companies have to harness digital information - including big data management - and technologies to improve performance as well as agility."
Kristina Knezevic
Country Manager Austria
"The last few months have radically changed the world of work for companies and employees. New Work has been reality for many employed persons since the beginning of the Corona crisis at the latest. Flexible working hours, home office and agile working are in focus. It is our concern to further promote the dialogue on the future of work and to actively participate in shaping it."
Wolfgang Kaps
Sanofi Austria
Managing Director
"We strive for an excellent Employee Experience & live Mobile Office. Performance & loyalty increase when leaders put trust in their employees. At Sanofi, our innovative New Work model was developed in a bottom-up process."
Sabine Herlitschka
Infineon Technologies Austria
"The crisis as a stress test shows what is really important to us and illustrates our weaknesses and potentials. Now is the time for the needed structural changes in three dimensions: technology as an enabler for climate neutrality, upskilling and reskilling for the knowledge-based society, European technology and digital sovereignty fit for global competition."
Alexander Windbichler
Founder & CEO
"In times of crisis digitalization gets a major boost – true to the motto: optimize now or remain behind. At the same time, our industry is paradoxically a victim of digitization. Typical software developers or system administrators are replaced by cloud services. Certain tasks become automatized; others become more individual. Our industry has to adapt to that trend."
Carolina Aguilar
INBRAIN Neuroelectronics
"The key to past, current and future transformation lies on our brain, understanding, treating and helping the brain to perform will ensure our health care sustainability while demonstrating the potential of our human race."
Nora Blum
Co-Founder & CEO
"Our mission is to improve the care of millions of people with mental health problems through Selfapy's online courses. In contrast to the average waiting time of 3 to 6 months for a psychotherapy session, Selfapy gives people the opportunity to receive effective help immediately and regardless of location."
Eva-Maria Kirschsieper
Director Public Policy
"We recognize the urgency of climate change and are committed to help tackle this crisis affecting communities around the globe. I am personally dedicated to support this effort in the best possible way."
Alexander Bodmann
Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna
Managing Director


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